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Steve Jobs

Lianne Lynne

Work with successful women in developing mental toughness to enhance performance, create well- being and develop positive behaviors.  I have over 10+ years’ experience and have coached senior leaders and executives from Google, Ford, McDonald’s, Walgreens, Stellantis, Cushman & Wakefiled, Boehringer Ingelheim and Wiley.

Steve Jobs

Jerry Fu

Helping Asian Americans with conflict resolution management. Focus areas: conflict management, conflict resolution, leadership management, and communication skills.  Can be heard on the Mentor From Afar Podcast.

Steve Jobs

Richard Bergstrom

I love to help people discover their life’s true purpose and calling.  Whether at the front end of your career or facing retirement, I’d love to help you “Discover the hidden forces that drive your best work,”Focus areas: motivation, life review, personality, retirement coaching, purpose & calling, non-profit organizations.

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Find your Third Calling

Find your Third Calling

 In this episode of the Mentor from Afar podcast, I interview Dr. Richard Bergstrom. Dr. Bergstrom is Gunschu's leading motivation coach on finding your third calling and finding what motivates you in the last third of your life.   Although Richard and his wife...

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