About Us

About Gunschu

Welcome to Gunschu, the world’s greatest career guidance and coaching platform. We assist with career direction, analyze skill gaps and help you find your motivations, along with matching you with world-class career coaches.

Gunschu’s Vision

We want to enhance your life by helping you achieve career elation.

Gunschu’s Mission

Guide and uplift people from every walk of life in achieving their career and life goals by facilitating trusted connections for learning and coaching.

Why Gunschu?

Gunschu was founded in 2020 with the hope of solving real organization problems through the power of the platform revolution. Instead of focusing on organizations where many companies sell software-as-a-service to augment a company’s offerings, we concentrate on the individual. We believe in the power of finding learnings inside yourself, guided by world-class coaches. Along with the proper mix of artificial intelligence and technology, we help people get the most of their careers and life.

The inspiration for Gunschu dates back to ancient philosophers like Confucious. Confucius once said: “If three people are walking together, among them there are certainly those who can be my teacher.

I choose aspects that are good and I learn from them. When I see aspects that are not desirable, I use those as reference in order to correct my own shortcomings.” We believe Gunschu will set you on the right path for your career. Where does the name Gunschu come from? We would love to say it is from a famous sage like Confucius, but it really comes from combining the name of two of our original founders
Gunjan Vijayvergia and Matt Schulz.


Gunschu, LLC.
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