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Turning Managers into Mentors

All organizations large and small can leverage our partnerships with Pruvio and other key providers to improve performance, discover your teams’ motivation, improve individual strengths and boost morale.


Our coaches worked with these top companies:


From motivation workshops to executive leadership , our personalized coaches can deliver impactful learning and improve your organization at all levels.

mCode Assessment

★ Find what motivates your team and maximize individual and team potential.
★ “Train the Trainer” allows fast adoption throughout the organization
★ Unlock mCode, 60 years of CIMA (Center of Motivational Attributes to unlock career satisfaction and determine “shadow-side” attributes. 


Ongoing Improvement

★ Ongoing assessment to measure progress around motivation.
★ Creates key opportunities and plans with manager and employee reviews.
★ Key action plans to ensure success

Sage Whitelabel Platform

Want a version of the Gunschu platform all for yourself? Gunschu will customize a version of our platform to fit your organization’s needs. This includes:

● Coach matching algorithm, with internal or external coaches.
● Calendar
● Appointment booking
● Reviews
● Notifications
● Stripe integration
● 100’s of optional integrations as needed
● Built-in Security
● Support Options


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