How Gunschu Works


How Gunschu Works

You spend most of your waking hours at a place of employment, whether you are leading the organization or a key cog in making it run. It is important to make sure you are optimizing what motivates you, how you are perceived, and constantly improve your skills and awareness. Gunschu is here to help, by leveraging a coach on Gunschu, you can literally transform your career and life.

The Process

1. Select a coach

As a starting point, find a coach that specializes in areas that you are looking to improve.  Most coaches start the coaching process with a risk-free (zero cost) session to determine if it is a good fit for both of you.  So don’t be afraid to find a coach that works for you!

3. Attend Coaching Sessions

Prepare for your first coaching session by preparing any questions or concerns to review with your coach.  Sessions are typically 1/2 hour to two hours.  Success and development may come as soon as one or two sessions.

2. Establish An Account

Create a login so you can access coaching sessions and your profile.  Payment information is done through our secure provider, Stripe. 

4. Come back to Gunschu!

Learning is a life-long endeavor.  Gunschu is the place to find new coaches for any of your coaching needs.  We also have blogs and podcasts that are applicable to helping everyone with their career and life.


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