Richard Bergstrom

 In this episode of the Mentor from Afar podcast, I interview Dr. Richard Bergstrom. Dr. Bergstrom is Gunschu’s leading motivation coach on finding your third calling and finding what motivates you in the last third of your life.  

Although Richard and his wife Leona, have written a few books, including “Emerging” and “Third Calling”, we focused on “Third Calling” during the podcast.  One of the most poignant parts of the podcast with Richard was: when I asked Richard how someone discovers their “Third Calling”? Richard responded with a quote he heard, “Someone has said that if you are what you do, when you don’t, you aren’t. It speaks to the loss of identity that people when they leave a, career for 20, 30, 40 years – it’s like falling off of a cliff and if they haven’t done life planning going into that stage, it can be very catastrophic for them. “




The podcast covers what each of your callings are, the process to find your “Third Calling” and even the modern way to do scrapbooking.   

Richard and I share a passion for helping people find their motivation through a powerful assessment called the Motivation Code.   If you are in retirement or considering what you will do in retirement, now is a great time to seek out Dr. Richard Bergstrom for a coaching session on Gunschu.