Find My Motivation

Am I in the right career?

Is the question that many people are asking today!  In fact, from a survey from Oracle and Workplace Intelligence states: “Seventy-five percent of respondents said they feel stuck professionally and believe they don’t have growth opportunities to progress their careers (25%) and are too overwhelmed to make any changes (22%), according to the report.” (Techrepublic, Oct. 2021)


What keeps me engaged at work?

Even if you may be in the right career, the assignments you are receiving or just the work you are doing may not keep you engaged.  This results in unhappiness, decreased job performance and lack of forward mobility.  Assessing your motivation code is the key to unlocking engagement at work.

What activities and accomplishments provide fulfillment in my life?

Motivation is important whether you are starting your career, in the middle of your career or retired.   Finding out the right activities that motivate you can be the key to happiness throughout your life.  Gunschu has a large number of coaches that are certified to help you through the mCODE™ assessment and help you understand how to use your results to find the best job for you, improve engagement and create overall happiness in your life.


Introducing Motivation Code

What is motivation code?  It is a ground-breaking assessment based on the power of story to find your motivation code.  Gunschu has partnered with Pruvio to bring you motivation code or mCODE™.    MCODE ™ is based off of 60 years of motivational research from SIMA (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities).  It works by matching you with the right coach.  They will send you a code to take the assessment and then will walk through the optimal way for you to understand your motivations and put them to use in your career and life.  It has been said that you spend up to 90,000 hours on your career over your lifetime, wouldn’t you want to make the most of it! 

Steve Jobs

Understand Motivations

Steve Jobs

Reveal Motivational Energy


Uncover “dark-side” Attributes

Recommended Path

Discover your motivation code and create a plan for success in as little as one session with our certified mCode Coaches.

Take the Assessment

Take the assessment and work with a coach to get personalized results. Coach and assessment can vary from $100-$500 depending on experience.


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