“What’s next?” is an expression that Robert Riopel lives by during these times.  Stop taking on the victim’s role and take challenges head on.  This is one of many mantras Robert speaks to in the latest Mentor From Afar Podcast.   

If you are trying to find direction in your life or that formula for success, then this is the podcast for you.  Robert speaks to his 6 Ultimate Steps to Success and plenty more throughout the podcast.  

Several of my favorite moments in the podcast were:

  • “Only 3% of the info people were taught do you anything about” – Robert Riopel
  • “The mistake is not about setting goals to high, it is about setting them too low and hitting them”
  • “Dream Big” and “Find a mentor or coach” 2 of the top steps to success.

As always, I encourage you to listen to the entire podcast on all your favorite channels or listen below.  As a special bonus, check out Robert’s website at RobertRiopel.com for a downloadable copy of the “Success Left a Clue: 6 Ultimate Steps to Success” book.  Find a mentor or coach that can make a difference in your life on the Gunschu app today!