In episode 1 of the  “Mentor from Afar” podcast, one of the most poignant points that Maribel Lopez mentioned was that “Storytelling” may be the most important skill you can have in your career.  

Understanding how to tell a good, relevant story can make all the difference in getting a sale, making a client or patient feel comfortable or communicating to a large audience.   Many of the people that we respect in the world have storytelling as a key part of their skills arsenal.  

Famous Storytellers

Elon Musk PictureOprah WinfreySteve Jobs
Most times quirky, with imperfect speech, Elon Musk is still a great storyteller.  The real-life “iron man”, is always excited and passionate about his products and what it can do for humanity.  The audience can feel his confidence and it is backed up by what he creates. 

Takeaway lesson: Bring passion and deliver on something amazing you created,
Oprah is the queen of connecting with her interviewees.  She has always been great relating with whoever she is talking with.  By caring and showing empathy, Oprah creates a safe environment to discuss emotional topics and with that comes great stories.
Takeaway lesson: Understand your audience or person you are speaking with and leverage stories from your past to relate.  
Steve captivated audiences since the first mac computer launch.  Who could ever forget the announcement of the iPhone.  Steve Jobs used storytelling to speak a narrative around solving problems using apple products in a way that everyone could understand.  He would also build up his story with captivating the audience with new product features, only to top that with something great at the end.
Takeaway lesson:Create an environment that the recipient(s) expects something great and make it even better.  Understand how what you are conveying solves a problem for them.

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