Check out the latest Mentor From Afar Podcast interview with Dawei Li, co-founder of Aloa. Aloa is an IT outsourcing platform, which is changing how outsourcing is being done for small and medium-sized businesses. 

My favorite pieces of the interview are these lessons:

  • “Fall in love with the problem, not the solution” – too often, startups or even established companies love the idea that they came up with to solve the problem. Dawei remarks you need to focus on the problem.
  • “Keep lean and make the most of what you can” – I resonate with this lesson. Before you make a move and hire a bunch of people, stay lean and grow at the proper times.
  • “Hire slow and fire fast”Dawei suggests you get to know your initial hires in a startup and hire the right person.  Conversely, if you know someone is not getting the job done, move on quickly!
  • “Quality over quality” – Dawei and his co-founders figured out what was important with their business and decided that working with quality developers and quality small and medium-sized businesses was what is important to them. Decide what represents sense for your business, and if it doesn’t work, keep evolving until you find out what does

Dawei talks about more lessons for your business and his 3P’s for success at Aloa throughout the podcast.  Enjoy!