In the first “Mentor from Afar” podcast with Maribel Lopez, Maribel speaks to one of her new passion’s, “how culture will change at workplaces post-pandemic”.  Many organizations have been working from home for the past ten months.  Not only are companies reassessing their out of office policies, but company culture is changing faster than ever.

Maribel calls what companies are going through in 2021 based on work in 2020, “reimagining hybrid work”.  Based on what Maribel has been hearing, it sounds like a lot of companies will be going towards a “blended” work environment.  This means that it won’t be 100% in the office or 100% remote.  Maribel talks about “culture”, not technology as the major issue companies have to deal with in this new environment.  When determining work models in 2021, companies need to consider:

  • Time Zones – Especially multinational companies that span several different time zones.
  • Work Hours – Employees are working 12 hours plus to adapt to time zones and lack of travel time.
  • Creating a combined sense of culture – Maribel remarks, “there are some employees that we are hiring remotely that we may have never met, how do we create a combined sense of culture”.

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