One of the consistent themes I have noticed among coaches I have interviewed for the Mentor From Afar podcast is their perseverance in overcoming something challenging in their lives.  My latest podcast with Jerry Fu is perhaps the greatest of those stories to date.  

When you normally think of coaching or mentoring, it usually comes up in association with someone who had a business role and transferred that knowledge to coaching.  Jerry is a full-time pharmacist!   There are important tidbits throughout the podcast, but some of my favorite pieces from the podcast are:

  • Learning about what it takes to be a leader and understanding your own self-confidence.
  • There are excellent avenues to learn about dealing with conflict, including scheduling a coaching session, but also by reading a book like “Difficult conversations”.
  • Learning about the Predictive Index and how it can help bridge the gap between business strategy and results by leading people the right way.
  • Discussion of understanding the roots of Asian hate.

As always, I encourage you to listen to the entire podcast on all your favorite channels or listen below.  Need help with conflict resolution, check out coaches like Jerry on the Gunschu app.