Matt Schulz Future AI Photo 

There have been some prognosticators that predict that 80% of jobs will be eliminated due to OpenAI’s Chat GPT and Google’s Bard platform by 2030 (and these two technologies are just two of hundreds to come).   The reality is that some positions will be eliminated by 2030, and many will still be around, along with new positions.  This is not different from technological advancements throughout history.   This blog is not to tell you to change careers or fear the immediate impact of AI.  Like most change, the best way through change is by leaning in and taking an active role.

Yann LeCun Twitter post

Yann LeCun Twitter post

Don’t Take My Word For It

Don’t just take my word for it.  Head of AI for Meta, Yann LeCun recently made this post on Twitter (shown on the right).  Given his role at Meta, it is understandable his pro-AI view.  The major point is that most experts align around AI not taking over the world like “the Terminator”.   You will be in control, and it will be complementary to your work.  

AI Can Be Fun And useful!

The photo (above) is a “prompt” photo version of me in the future.  It was made by using the “wonder” app, which is definitely fun.  I could have spent hours leveraging a program like Adobe Photoshop to create the “perfect” image or leverage this fun app to do it in a few minutes.   This is one of many ways to leverage new AI technology.  People are leveraging AI for research, assistance with writing social media and other content, and creating images.

Recommendations For Getting Started


  1. Lean into AI – Don’t be afraid of learning AI. Try out AI prompts and investigate how it can help your job and life.
  2. Listen to the Experts and Learn – My suggestions are:
    • Follow @scobleizer on Twitter.  Robert Scoble is investigating and commenting daily on Twitter on AI.  He has also been embedded with several AI firms, learning on the front lines on what they are creating and what it means for all of us.
    • Join  Brian Roemmele has been an expert in AI and technology trends for decades.  Brian explains how “SuperPrompts” work and speaks to “personal AI”. 
    • Read the intro blog at Open AI.  It will give you insight toward how Chat GPT was created and how to create prompts.