I am really excited to launch my first podcast called, “Mentor From Afar”.  I wanted to give all of you the chance to hear from my past mentors and also from people that have admired from afar.  Some of these people are the most recognized in their industry and others will be new to you.  Regardless, I know you will learn from everyone on the show that have made a difference in my career.  The first half of the podcast will cover lessons that my guests learned from their mentors, plus great insights you can apply to your career today.   The second half of the podcast will talk about the trends that will drive the future of technology, work and life as you know it.  

My first guest on episode one is Maribel Lopez.  Maribel is the founder of Lopez Research, author of Right Time Experiences and was one of the people that made sense of the early days of mobile and was one of my mentors from afar.  This podcast is full of great insights and tips for everyone, plus Maribel shares her latest passions from the future of work culture, AI and fabulous tips about mentoring.

I think the best part of the Mentor from Afar podcast is getting a chance to see a different side of how each of my guests became who they are today.  Many of you that are reading this today would make great mentors right now!   Sign-up as a mentor or mentee on Gunschu today!