From the moment Bob Fields called me to welcome me as a member of the Consumer Technology Association, I knew Bob was a special human being.  In the 5th episode of the Mentor From Afar podcast, you will not only learn about being CEO of smart home company, Hibersense, but the lessons learned you can apply to your career and life.  

Of the many lessons in the podcast, my favorite was his list of top ten mantras he received from his mentor, Tom Malone.  Similarly, to a story about Mark Cuban, Bob writes down the following ten mantras in the beginning of every notebook he uses:

  1. Work Hard, Start Early
  2. Be Smart And Ask Good Questions
  3. Be Direct
  4. Face The Challenges Head On
  5. Be Willing To Go Where Others Have Not
  6. Always Remember To Provide For Your Family
  7. Mentor And Correct 
  8. Bless Others As You Can 
  9. Have Fun And Make Memories
  10. Call Your Mom

For context around the mantras and many other lessons learned, check out the podcast.  And remember to help others or improve your career on the Gunschu coaching and guidance platform today.