In the 7th episode of the Mentor From Afar, I talk to Lianne Lyne. Lianne is an Executive, Leadership and “Mind Tough” coach, and one of our premier coaches now available on the Gunschu platform. Lianne speaks about her journey that spanned from dance and the English Premier League to her coaching practice.

Beyond being a dynamic speaker and podcast guest, Lianne offers several impactful takeaways, including:

On what she has learned from mentors – One of the key aspects she learned from her dance coach, Jane Dudley, was the “Power of Visualization” and what goes on in your head means so much more in the physical world.

On what advice she has around being a coach and finding a niche – Lianne suggests that finding a niche may not be the right approach for everyone. Lianne suggests using a trial and error approach to learn what people want and how you can best address that as a coach.

On Mental Toughness – One of the focus areas Lianne has as a coach is to assist women find the right level of mental toughness. Lianne remarks the goal is to find the “sweet spot” that lies between being considered “too tough” and “too sensitive”.

You can listen to the entire podcast below.