Become a coach



Become a coach

Whether you are an experienced executive coach, a mentor coach or helping seasoned professionals meet the challenges of today’s technical and social world, Gunschu is the platform for you.


4 Easy Steps To Signup

  1. Enter Basic Information
  2. Provide Your Rate – Set your typical rate, compare yourself to other coaches, or start at a lower rate if you are a new coach, and grow over time.
  3. Establish Your Availability – Set your schedule so learners can contact you. You can edit this at anytime through your profile.
  4. Hold Your Session Online – Sessions on Gunschu leverage our own video conferencing platform. When you are finished, you will be rated on the session, which will help you improve as a coach.


Why coach on Gunschu?


Rather than searching several hundred websites, Gunschu is the place people will go to improve their career and find a coach.


Marketing is costly. Not only are we marketing Gunschu, we will also help market you individually.


From expert matching to video conferencing, Gunschu has your coaching needs covered.


You are your own business owner on Gunschu. Payment is facilitated through Stripe.